Let's get loud - let's Save Nature - October 7, 2008

Sep. 29, 2008
Let's get loud - let's Save Nature - October 7, 2008
This march strives to involve not only nature protection organizations, but all other movements and people that are part of civil society. We want to go out and raise an uproar because of the problems with nature, but also because of the social and cultural problems, the economic malfunction of the Bulgarian state, the corruption, and the lack of rule of law and statehood.
Priceless natural resources are being destroyed all over Bulgaria. The lawlessness in Rila continues. The launch of the lift “Pionerska hut – Rilski ezera hut” which is built in violation of several Bulgarian and European laws without the necessary permits and environmental impact assessment is pending soon. Ski zone Bansko will be expanded to reach 100,000 beds, further encroaching into the territory of Pirin National Park. The Ministry of Environment and Water gave the green light to the building up of one of the last remaining pristine areas on the Black Sea Coast, the strip between Tsarevo and Sinemorets, by taking it out of the territory of Strandzha Nature Park. The “Super Perelik” project in the Rodopi Mountains, Smolyan Municipality, will be 10 times bigger than Bansko and is already underway. The corrupt practice of “swaps” of forests continues all over Bulgaria. To the detriment of the public interest, the state exchanges enormous forest areas giving this invaluable national resource away to the construction and “wood” mafia and to foreign offshore companies with unclean interests and capitals of unknown origin.
Let’s protect together the most precious we have – our nature! Join us on October 7th with alarm clocks, whistles, clappers, bells, musical instruments and any other sources of noise, so that we can wake up the civil consciousness and drag our society out of the doze of apathy and desperation! Let’s be a true society of solidarity! Together we can save Bulgarian nature!