Join our procession, let us make some noise again: July 2nd, 2009 at 17:30h

Jun 22, 2009
Join our procession, let us make some noise again: July 2nd, 2009 at 17:30h

For more than three years we have struggled to make the government accomplish the easiest of tasks- to stop the illegal construction work in Irakli and Rila, to preserve one of the last unspoiled beaches on the Black Sea coastline, to save one of the symbols of Bulgaria- the region of the Seven Rila Lakes, to show some morality. Despite the support of hundreds of thousands citizens, popular Bulgarian artists and intellectuals, journalists and even some politicians, the Bulgarian institutions have failed to act on the matter, because of the investment interests that guide them. Fearful that the next government might continue the systematical destruction of the Bulgarian nature, we once again clearly state our demands:

• Stop the illegal operation of the ski lifts in Panichishte and Kartala in Rila and re-cultivate the affected areas at the expense of the investors (online petition at [url"> The two ski lifts have unjustly entered the territory of the Rila National Park and are a part of illegal construction projects for new ski resorts in Rila. The ski lift in Panichishte has been erected atop an active landslide and is thus endangering everybody who uses it.

• Stop the construction of the illegal Riverside village resort in Irakli, demolish the existing structures and re-cultivate the region, including the mouth of the Vaya river, destroyed by the offshore investor Swiss Properties. Swiss Properties does not have a single valid document and has neglected all issued decrees for stopping the illegal construction work.

We will not surrender our constitutional right to live in a healthy and favorable environment (article 55 from the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria). We will continue to demand and to act upon, in order to stop the megalomanic attacks on the Bulgarian nature, as long as the state and the government refuse to enforce their constitutional obligations and to assure the reasonable use of the country's natural riches and resources (article 15 from the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria).
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