“With the mountains and the sea in heart” - a national protest on 14 February

Feb. 10, 2013
“With the mountains and the sea in heart” - a national protest on 14 February
We want ULEN’s concession to be terminated because a law-breaking investor should be penalized!
We want the Pirin National Park Management Plan to remain unchanged until a new one is developed in 2014!
We want the 6 demands for the Black Sea Coast to be accepted!

Let us all put a paper heart on our clothes to show that we will not stop loving the nature!

On Thursday, 02/14/2013 the day of wine and love, we are going out again, not to celebrate, but to protect Pirin, Irakli and the rest of the Black Sea Coast that has remained free of concrete! Because instead of accepting the 6 steps to solve the problem of the over-construction along the Black Sea Coast, they started a speedy plan to build out 65% of the entire territory of Pirin National Park.
We submitted a simple plan for protection of the sea to all institutions, the Government and the Parliament. We insist that all 6 steps are accepted in order to put an end of the over-construction of the Black Sea Coast, something we have been fighting against for so many years.
Plenty of irregularities have already been found in the construction and operation of the Bansko ski zone in Pirin National Park. Environment Minister Nona Karadjova admitted that the ski zone occupied an area two-thirds larger than the one allowed within the concession. Instead of being held accountable for their violations, the offenders are allowed to build hotels, ski slopes and lifts in the heart of Pirin National Park, among the 300 -year-old white firs. The plain below has already been covered by half-empty hotels and apartment buildings. On 19.02.2013 the Ministry of Environment and Water of Bulgaria will discuss the requests of Bansko Municipality for changes in the Management plan of the park.

Sofia: 18.30, meeting point: the pedestrian zone of Vitosha Blvd between Patriarch Evtimy Str and Neofit Riski Str. Route: Vitosha Blvd, by the Palace of Justice; Nezavisimost Square, Knyaz Alexander the First Str, Tsar Osvoboditel Str. to Narodno Sabranie Square

Burgas: 18:00, meeting point: Troikata Square, end point: Morsko Casino Cultural Center

Ruse: 18.30, meeting point – in front of the Hali, starting time of the procession - 19:00, end point - The Monument of Liberty

Tryavna: 18.00 at The Clock, with hearts on the lapels

Photo: Internet, “Kiss for Irakli” protest on 14.02.2008