28.01.: National Protest for Strandja

Jan. 24, 2014
28.01.: National Protest for Strandja
- The Parliament should make immediate changes to the legislation in the Spatial Development Act and the Development of Black Sea Coast Act:
1. The Master Spatial Plans, approved without the necessary environmental assessment under the terms of the Environmental Protection Act and the Biodiversity Act should be annulled.
2. The concerned communities to have the right to ask for legal defense against actions under The Spatial Development Act and The Development of Black Sea Coast Act, which violate the environmental legislation.
- the Prime Minister to make personal changes in the Ministry of Environment and Water and the Ministry of Regional Development, with which the individuals in the two ministries responsible for the activities – activities which place us under the risk that the European Commission may stop the entire financing under the structural and cohesion funds, to be released. Those employees apparently do not consider the national and the European law and they allowed the acceptance of the master spatial plans in the entire country without the compulsory coordination and procedures, related to the environmental protection, public health and cultural heritage.

And why the construction work in Strandja would concern all of us is explained here:
It would allow the resumption of the legal proceedings and financial sanctions by the European Commission because of a flagrant violation of the European environmental legislation.
The „financial sanctions“are money, taken out from the taxes we pay (but not, as the logical assumption would be, taken from the violators’ pockets).

Moreover, we all want conserved nature and support to the local community so that they could develop nature-friendly business, and not satisfaction of the private oligarchic plans for mass construction workings!