Demonstration 'Members of Parliament, what are you going to cut off - corruption or the forest?', 10.04.2012

Apr. 11, 2012
It was yet another protest that gathered close to 1000 people in front of Parliament! Again, we were not alone - people supported us with photos, posters, video clips, we promoted together our cause and the demonstration! We protested together! This time we grabbed the axes :)) Symbolically! We made them out of paper but in our hands they looked very real - as real as the one we gave as present to Boyko Borissov! The windows of the Parliament, of the hotel and of the two branches of First Investment Bank trembled with the powerful chants "We want nature, we don't want concrete!", "Vitosha", "Rila is dear to us!" - they are not just slogans, they are our confession! Coming from deep in our hearts! This time the media liked us and covered us. It seems we looked more convincing to them with the axes in our hands... We hope they really heard us and took notice of us. Because we will send those axes to the MPs - as a gift and as a warning! We will leave them choose what to cut off - corruption or the forest. Apparently these two cannot co-exist at the same time! We will wait and see what our democratic representatives will prefer. We still hope they will make the right choice. But ... if after all they choose corruption, if these lobbyist amendments do get passed after the second hearing and become inscribed in law, we will become even more furious and even more determined! We won't surrender! We won't give up on our most precious - the defense of the forests, the mountains and our own freedom to live in a country where laws are made to serve the ordinary people, and not the oligarchy and where business has a symbiotic relationship with nature and not a predatory and destructive one.