Trees from 14 countries took part in the race European Tree of the Year 2015

Feb. 02, 2015
Trees from 14 countries took part in the race European Tree of the Year 2015
European Tree of the Year 2015 Contest is organized by Environmental Partnership Association. The goal of the initiative, which has started for the first time as a national contest in the Czech Republic more than 10 years ago, is to draw attention to the valuable not only for the environment but for the cultural identity and community spirit majestic representatives of the Plant Kingdom, and to call for more responsibility for their protection.

In 2014, for the first time a Bulgarian tree won the contest and brought international renown and popularity to our country. The long awaited prize went to the loved by the people of Sliven town Old Elm-Tree, with 77 526 votes from people from the country and abroad. This year Bulgaria is represented by the Plane growing on the square of the village of Archar, Vidin region, which won the prize “Tree with Roots 2014” in the annual contest organized by EcoCommunity Foundation. Thus, the 51-year-old tree, which has become a friend and part of the life of local citizens and first participant in all gatherings and celebrations, automatically qualified as a finalist in the European contest.

Among the contenders for the European prize are trees as the Great Oak of the Sherwood forest, which sheltered in its hollow trunk Robin Hood and his merry company; the pine-tree in Opatovitse (Czech Republic), for which the legend goes that it is a cursed seven headed dragon which fought with Saint George; Lady’s Tree in Scotland, in whose branches a sea eagle has been nesting for 24 years (in Bulgaria this is an endangered species) – all loved and famous trees, which are expected to receive a great support during the online vote. We hope that this year our compatriots will unite in their vote and help Bulgarian finalist perform well among European trees.

The voting will take place between February 1 – 28, 2015 on the contest web page -, where everyone can submit their vote in support of the Place in Archar village. The results will be published in the same web page on March 5, 2015