Feb. 26, 2007
On February 26th the SUniversity Club for Ecology and Sustainable Development UNECO will initiate a campaign to express the students’ discontent with the small territory range of NATURA 2000 approved by the Councils of Ministers for Bulgaria. The students will set up a camp of tents and signs saying “Bulgaria – a Step Mother to Her Children” on the campus of Sofia University St. Climent Ohridski. This action is a part of a long-term campaign to inform the public and the educational institutions on the matter of NATURA 2000, as well as to help the preservation of national natural treasure and the health of future generations. UNECO alarms that our country will inevitably suffer sanctions in the form of the blocked structure funds, as for example Poland does now. The citizens of Bulgaria will have to pay for the devastation of our nature from their own pockets, while the ones who will suffer most will be the youth, the children of Bulgaria - another reason for them to want to leave their home country.
Feb. 22, 2007
On Saturday we went out in our pajamas. But it looks like we won’t sleep… If the investors act in the dark, so will we. This is why BG Outdoor and friends invite all who are willing (and correspondingly prepared and equipped) to a night hike in Vitosha on 24.02 in support of the demand that the government adopt the full list of proposed endangered territories in NATURA 2000.
Feb. 16, 2007
[imgleft">clown_natura.jpg[/imgleft">The Union of the Natural Lunatics has cordially invited us to take a walk together on 17.02.2007, Saturday, from 15.30 h in front NDK – and in other cities of our choice. This is a spontaneous reaction of the citizens of Bulgaria to the decision of the Council of Ministers to exclude all that is dear in our motherland from NATURA 2000. We think we might drop in.
The Petition “For The Nature” Continues
Jan. 24, 2007
Due to the great interest in the petition, we will keep it going even after we present it to the Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the Attorney General on 23.01. We’re still collecting, so we need your help!
Jan. 19, 2007
Thus, we expect you on Tuesday, 23.01.2007, at 10.00 AM in the park between the Parliament and the University to introduce the petition “So that Nature Remains in Bulgaria” and the one to save the Black Sea Coast together to the responsible institutions! We will gather until 10.30 and will proceed without waiting, since we have to fir in into their different working times.