Oct. 25, 2018
Environmental experts from a coalition of NGOs called For Nature - Bulgaria began an information campaign on Tuesday in an attempt to maintain the spirit of the winter 2018 #SavePirin protests against the further development of the Pirin National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site.
Aug. 01, 2018
A three-judge panel of the Supreme Administrative Court has overturned the Cabinet’s changes to the Pirin National Park management plan, adopted late last year, on the grounds that the government decision was in breach of the country’s environmental protection laws. The amendments, tabled by the Bansko municipality, were widely seen as opening the way for the construction of a second ski lift in the Bulgarian winter resort and were approved by the government at its last meeting in 2017.
Feb. 20, 2018
Unwanted limelight shines on Bulgaria as country plows ahead with Cohesion funds for the destruction of the Pirin National Park

For almost two months now, Bulgarians from across the country and abroad have taken to the streets to defend the country’s natural mountainscape against new developments.
At stake is the Pirin National Park, home to bears, chamois, wolves and centuries-old pine forests whose unique value has won it the status of a World Heritage site.
What sparked the protests was a government decision from 28 December 2017. This decision seeks to change the park’s management plan and effectively opens the door to new development, commercial construction and logging of up to 48 percent of the park’s 400 square kilometres territory. But our protesters are not only about Pirin – these are about democracy and about ending corruption.
Feb. 04, 2018
Protests to save Bulgaria's Pirin National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, from construction activities have continued within Bulgaria and around the world in new and creative ways to get their message across. In December 2017, the Bulgarian government approved a plan to allow construction in 48% of the park, which is home to numerous threatened flora and fauna species and considered one of the country's natural treasures. The controversial decision, which opens the door for the expansion of a ski resort there, sparked widespread criticism, with environmentalists arguing that it violates the park's status as a protected space.
Jan. 29, 2018
Neno Dimov, the man who took over as the president of the EU's Environment Council on Jan. 1, got an earful yesterday when he appeared before members of the European Parliament. Some of his past words were coming back to haunt him.
Lawmakers were aghast that a man who once called climate change a fraud and described himself as an opponent of climate science was going to be coordinating the EU's environment policy for the next six months.
Jan. 28, 2018
New president of key European body Neno Dimov previously described phenomenon as a 'hoax used to scare the people'

The new president of the EU’s environment council, Neno Dimov, has faced criticism for his apparently skeptical position on climate change. As president, the Bulgarian environment minister will have some power to steer important pieces of policy during his six-month stint.
Jan. 22, 2018
Protesters took to the streets in 29 international cities, accusing the Bulgarian government of corruption and violation of domestic and EU environmental law after it decided to allow further construction in Pirin National Park, a World Natural Heritage site. In December 2017, the Cabinet passed a plan to allow construction activities in 48% of the park — a move that goes against legislation and is seen as a violation of its status as a protected space. After what many felt was the government's failed response to address the public outcry, environmentalists initiated an international outreach campaign in an effort to pressure authorities to uphold the law protecting the natural heritage site.
Jan. 20, 2018
Thousands of Bulgarians have braved subzero temperatures in some 20 cities across the country to protest against a government decision to amend the management plan of a major national park. The rallies on Thursday were the latest in a number of demonstrations held this month opposing the expansion of the Bansko skiing resort in Pirin National Park amid fears it could lead to over-construction in a site that has been in UNESCO's World Heritage List since 1983.
Jan. 13, 2018
Bulgaria's six-month EU presidency stint Thursday got off to a noisy start as anti-corruption protesters blocked streets in heavily-guarded capital Sofia.
More than 1,500 people shouted "Mafia!", "Resign!", "Save Pirin" and "We want nature, not concrete" to slam plans for the country's Pirin national park they say would open to construction almost half of the UNESCO world heritage site.
Dec. 08, 2017
Expansion of budget ski resort Bansko into Pirin national park will be disastrous for centuries-old forests home to brown bears and wolves

A budget ski resort expansion is poised to carve 333km of new slopes and 113km of ski lifts through a Unesco world heritage site of “outstanding universal value”, according to documents obtained by WWF in a lawsuit.
Nov. 08, 2017
In the face of efforts by member states to destroy protected habitats and ignore EU nature laws, the EU must stand up for the rule of law and say enough is enough, writes Ariel Brunner. Ariel Brunner is senior head of EU policy at BirdLife Europe & Central Asia.